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    Yew Wah small bookworm reading activities

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    31 Jul, 2020

    10 : 00

    • Yew Wah loudspeakers have started broadcasting!



      YWIEK of Rizhao- "small bookworm" activities have been deeply loved by children and parents. There are not only teachers who love reading in Yaohua, but also a group of cute and hardworking "little bookworms", and our big friends are also the types of parents who enjoy reading and learning.


      In this long holiday, the children have kept their love and enthusiasm of reading, and took the initiative to send their teachers voice and video recordings. There are Chinese and English stories, children's songs, childrens messages of missing their teachers and so on. So we specially created a platform for children to show their own-Yaohua loudspeaker broadcast, let's listen to it together!


      Wow! The sound of child-like voices in our class is very pleasant to hear! What do you hear in the nursery rhymes?




      Dear little bookworms, what did the hungry caterpillar turn into? What is your favourite thing to eat?



      What animals do you hear? Which animals can you imitate?


      We like reading, we love reading and we welcome more children and big friends to join the reading team. If you like to tell stories or sing children's songs you can continue to send the recordings to teachers. We will put them in the Yaohua loudspeaker broadcast!


      The teachers are looking forward to hearing your beautiful voices, So come on!